Life is more important than money


Change is the very meaning of our life

As humans we are the definition of change

We are also everchanging to meet our needs

Within change more change is needed

Our greed makes our charge so much 

until competion arrives with lower prices

but until such time our greed will be too strong

We should change our medical rights

Life or death pay or die these are the choices

But those without money cannot make this choice

As a result many die without a second chance

Because as we change we get greedy

With Greed comes the want of money

The Want of Money costs lives 

Life is treated with so little value

But life is worth so much more 

Anything this world can create on it own.

Life is the most precious thing to us humans

Without it we can not change

But with our greed of money and high medical prices

We lose life daily just because we have too much greed

To continue our change 

We need change 

Change in our medical expenses

They really should be lowered









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