Life Is Merely A Dream


United States
United States
Lay down your little head
And go to sleep
Pretend that life is a dream
And your dreams are life
That when you lay your head
And say good night
Your traveling to
Your "Land of Nod"
Where the world is peaceful 
And so am I
Where you don't have to hide
From who you are
Or what people think you are
You can play in the flowers
And dance in the rain
While the world outside is on fire
And full of pain
You can listen to the nymphs sing a lullaby
And drift to sleep on a lily pad 
All the while knowing you'll come back
To a world where imagination is crushed by the hand
Where the birds cease to sing
Where children starve and live in ditches
Where your separated by labels like gay and straight
Where innocent men and women are killed
For money, fame, or just a reason to find a lust not yet found
Where life is more of a nightmare
Than anything else
Little child, please lay your head and go to sleep
To a land where your dreams are life
And life is merely a dream
Where you are free live as you please
And to a land where you can be free
Of this nightmare that is called the world
To you and me


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