Life Long Letter, Dear Dreams

Life Long Letter


Dear Dreams,

I hope one day you will come true.

That this “life’s work” letter means something to you too.

From the day I stepped on that stage,

you bloomed.


It wasn’t the applause,

the adoration,

the attention,

the praise,

but just the beautiful feeling of being on stage.

Immerse yourself into the songs you sing.

Feel the passion as you dance through the notes,

beat by beat.

Love never knew me as you did.

You were always stronger.


For so long,

I never knew where to go,

who to see,

what to do,

I was...



Inhibitions held you back.

My loss of confidence hid you far beneath everything you’ve known.

I took no comfort in my dreams.

I hid them instead.

I lost my way and tried to claim it back before it was too late.

Still, I slipped and fell...

Far beneath.


You kept coming;

kept rushing in.


You filled my heart with passion.

You made me happy.

You lifted me up far above my expections.

You lifted me to my place.

My people.

My dreams.

Yours Faithfully,


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