Life, Liberty and Obscenities.


The Dark ages consisted of:

oppression, segregation, prosperity and debt.


I'm not going to teach a history lesson or set. No.

You take it twelve times in your life, you don't need one more.

But by now you should know that.

Instead, let's look to the future.

To what we have now.

An underlying replay of what happened then, is happening now.

With kids under oppression because of simple sexuality.

Where are the liberals when there is no liberty?

Where are the radicals when you can't radically be who you want to be because "Be you" doesn't mean "Be me".

What happened to the voice, the images, the muse, of all those oppressed, beaten and abused?

Hidden by lies, as we can all see,

it's the dark ages again, this time with you and me.

After oppression, came the segregation of society.

"Segregation here? Oh that can't be!"

But it's real, it's true, it's why I can't look at you.

God forbid the girl who stares at the jock boy.

God forbid the boy who plays with the girl toy.

God forbid the men who walk into a gay bar when,

there is a nice couple attending church

at the Westboro Baptist because God send.

Forbid the gay, forbid the rebels, forbid the teenagers, for they are devils.

Forbid the old, forbid the new, forbid the mixture because it just causes us to do

the unthinkable

the unimaginable

the best.

Segregation at it's finest.

But again, too blind to see.

There is a huge division between you, and between me.

But to every cloud comes a silver lining,

in this case came prosperity.

With the Iphone 9 and 10 on the way.

What's not to love about this prospering age?

Maybe that seniors are becoming obsolete.

I ain't talking about old Johnson down the street.

I mean the graduating class of 2014.

Obsolete. With the knowledge they have.

Obsolete, their jobs are gone, so sad.

Obsolete to their new found jobs

Obsolete with their newly purchased Bobs

But the prosperity lives on, in technological beings.

Heck, maybe you and I will become technological beans.

Last but not least, this national debt.

National, Global, intergalactical debt

The only kind of debt, that debt at  its best.

For us obsolete teens are the luckiest of all?

Why is that when we got this debt on the phone call.

We gotta pay for what our forefathers did.

We gotta pay for what our founding fathers did.

we gotta pay for something we didn't do.

but isn't that how it goes?

i get blamed for you

you get blamed for me?

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Yet all I see is

segregation, separation and obscenities.


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