The Life of a Killer

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 16:56 -- arihay

There once was a cat that lived behind a house,

He was a fierce hunter and loved to chase the mouse.

Together prancing and dancing all in one sync,

He killed the poor mouse and washed it down with a drink.


“Why did you kill that mouse?” his furry friend said,

He said, “I don’t know! I thought I would end up dead!”

And ever in contrition did that fierce cat feel

But as soon as time passed the cat would learn to heal.


He went back to his old ways and learned to kill again,

Behold king of the neighborhood cats he would reign,

“Did you kill another mouse?” his furry friend said,

“I didn’t have a choice! I found him in my bed!”


And the cycle begins a lot like life and death,

He would not stop until each mouse took its last breath,

Then one day a man saw the cat and took him home,

The cat thought to himself “There is no where to roam!”


“Free at last! Free at last!” the cat said to himself,

“And thank the Lord I don’t have to sit on that shelf!”

And that there was a story that lived a cat,

Whose greatest tenure lived in the life of a rat.


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