The life that I chose

Dear Journey,

I am from two loving parents;
From one younger brother and sister.
I am from living in New York City, the city that never sleeps,
Until the age of sixteen;
From moving to Riverside and attending Stebbins High School.

I am from playing with WWE action figures;
From watching Tom and Jerry and Power Rangers.
I am from riding bikes up, down and through the road;
From catching fireflies, bees, and sometimes toads.

I am from playing basketball, football and volleyball;
From going to the movies and going to the mall.
I am from listening to Biggie, J. Cole, Kendrick, and Daft Punk;
From staying up all night playing videos game and eating a bunch of junk.

I am from driving my mom’s car just for the fun of it;
From traveling to Florida and going so far.
I am from walking down these bright busy streets;
From camping for sneakers with my friends on 34th street.

I am from being a great student;
From getting my first puppy and naming it Sussy.
I am from a fun and sometimes weird family;
From going to the Seven Lakes and catching my first fish.

I am from playing with bb guns and bow and arrows;
From going to the beach every hot summer day.
I am from from watching funny and interesting youtube videos;
From chilling with my friends and watching Netflix shows.

I am from playing in Rosedale Park;
From hanging out at night till one o'clock.
I am from being on my phone part of the day;
From growing up and seeing everything in many different ways.

I am from a place 600 miles away;
I am from a place that is close by the bay.
I am from a place that I call home;
From a place I know and love and call my very own.

Luis Adrian

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