The Life of a Flower Child

The world is headed towards destruction. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Before the time comes, I must realize life is one aspect that can't be compromised. Step by step I walk a thin line; a line between dark and light.

In his big world, I may seem so small but my essence excubrates sunshine that diminishes all color rays. Don't box me in some silly little cage, knowing darn well I won't succumb to easy submission. My mission is to prosper beyond what the world tells me. I no longer wait for other people to accept me, to love me, and to support me.

I'm not alone on my self journey; only a select few can accompany me with imprinting our footprints upon this universe. Small in stature, big at heart; I embrace all the world's complexities to fuel my body for all the wars to come.

Who cares if I AM A WOMAN!


I came to this world born average but I'm meant to do above average things. No negativity can drag my spirite and tear me down. I'm free to be who I Am!

I can travel the world with no one to hold back my reins. Fear crumbles beneath my feet as I trample my way towards my future. My life gets better with every new obstacle I overcome. No more looking back; I have too much wonderful opportunities waiting before me. 



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