The Life of Color

Soft beams of amber light break through

The transparent curtain of dreams to wake us.

The golden hues fall over the tops of evergreen trees

And rest gently on the heads of rabbits,

Peacefully reviving the Earth and exaggerating

The vividness of life.


Rosy pink dresses twirl along

The creamy white sand of a beach.

Of which coral seashells dot the shoreline.

A child in bright polka dots

Runs across the red hot sand

To take some of the humbling treasures for himself.


Royal blue kites mimic the movement of dragonflies

And dance gracefully among the pearly clouds.

A man picks a delicate lilac flower

Turning a crimson red as he gently delivers it to

A woman glowing with delight,  

Hidden in a meadow of lush green.


The sun disappears, lighting the sky red with rage

And the quiet moon takes her watch

Casting her silvery shadows upon us.

With the pale moon above my head,

And her following me wherever I step,

I know that I am home; I am safe.

Color fills my wondrous eyes

And leaves in me something spectacular.

There is no color of life

But there is life to color -

Color is what brings life to the world

And color is what brings life, to me.


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