Life Changer

His luminescent skin

To the fine hairs beneath his chin

The faint sparkle in his eyes

Pushes me every morning to rise


The intensity in his movements

Excites me to make improvements

Awakening my voice 

That is guiding me to make a choice


He showed a depth within his soul

Leading me to recognize my goal

Sharing lessons of self-worth

Opening doors to my re-birth 


Knowing him cut out my…



                         And doubt


Creating my own version of…



                         And route


His love widened my vision

of success within my decision

I now have my own self confidence 

Which shows stabilization within my dominance


Belief in myself

Allows me to share my unique wealth

He is more than just a friend 

But my love and a true inspiration in the end. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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