Life is Awesome!

We have many amazing 

And Awesome things in

This world.

From family to love to 

Cute animals and awesome thrills,

the world is full of awesome.

What is the awesomest of all?

Life...Life is awesome.

It lets us see this amazing world 

Of ours.

It lets us interact with it.

It lets us smell, hear, and taste

Everything awesome.

It is a gift that we only have a

Limited amount of time with.

We shouldn't waste it.

True they are many horrible things

Contributing to the world.

Many humans have seen only the horror

And hurt and decided to end it themselves.

They couldn't see the actual beauty behind it.

The nature and culture and the love or

Any of the awesome things.

Life is awesome. 

It take strength and dedication 

To see it and, trust me, 

It will be tested.

It is a thrill ride of ups and downs.

Those who stay on till the end will 

Experience the full Awesomeness

Of Life.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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