Life is all hate

This poem is rap like talks about guns being solded in the street innocent people killed for no reason and it's about changing the world for the better.

"This is the time look at the world " Blood in my face tears in my face.

"Killers are coming" They coming with guns People are killing killing me,

who should I kill, I'm not a killer, I'm losing it shit people are dying.

No money to kill no money to help people are dying ain't no time, I'm all hate just like the guns in the street ain't no fate. I'm Running away "people are fake
just like said" they killing me telling me ain't no fear with hate "Starving in my face all of the hate".

niggas are coming coming with guns ain't no time "I'm giving"or losing it pop pop? all over the place where the guns they all over the place all this is a disgrace I'm running away I'm coming with guns coming with victims ain't nothing stopping us, holes all over the place Just like I told you .

Yeah yeah yeah killers are coming to kill us

Ain't noting changing the world this is the quotes of all my hate
Killers deserve no mercy just all the hate.

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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