Life After High School

I've been exhausted in vain,

Becoming a waste of space

Growing used to the verbal abuse,  

For a minimum wage

Most days I'm running on false energy,

Still waiting for a crash 

And, I'm not so nice because I respect you, 

But because a day may come when I see your value 

The only thing that's changed is that,

I've found it's harder to get through the day without an indulgent of a sort

Me with my coffee,

And you with your cigarettes 

Some of my friends get high everynight, 

And pretend they're still alive

Staying warm from the fire in your belly 

Created by the liquid gold that helps you sleep 

The smoke has left you dizzy,


Vices heavily outweigh your virtues these days 

Seven sins that will sweep you away 

But I'll cut my palms picking up the pieces of your broken heart 

Makes you begin to feel imaginary 

I'm chasing the end of a string 

And I can't be sure it's attached to anything 

And yet, I still want to hold on



This is very powerful! I love it I was captivated from the first line!!! (:

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