the most beatiful gift giving is a mirror

it creates a safe place, everything is visiable

go inside the mirror and be safe

behind the mirror called life

aware of things around

but consciously unaware of them,

gazing at the events on life

so very cozy and warming at first

no longer cozy but lonely

life is no longer beatiful and its begining to crack

yearning to fix its cracks

in this stuck in the place watching life crack

time has passed

consciously aware of the things in this place

it is not comforting, just stop gazing at life it is now horrible

time has passed

life  gives the feeling of anger so much anger

people,uncertancy,wasted time, unacheived dreams.

no more minutes can pass

life is begging to crack it will be destroyed

this place inside life

its lonely,sad and gives the feeling of anger

no longer protected

life is broke






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