Life; It is something to be cherished and treasured

Something to put your all into

Life is the blind assumption you are making a difference

In the world around you

It is the quintessential essence of being

And life without dreaming, isn't living at at.

What is the secret? Perseverance

it is our unfortunate obligation

But our ultimate tool for greatness

Nothing is handed to you in life

You want something bad enough,

You must fight for it

What is our reality? Rising to the challenges

And with love and confidence

Your horizons are endless

You will be unstoppable, no matter the adversity

Go out and show everyone what you can do

And I promise you’ll rise above and beyond

Life is what you make of it.

Its your time to do whatever you want to do

And be whatever you want to be

Time for you to solve problems,

and find solutions

Life is about living with Hope

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