I walk through the path of faith

And through the nature of the land.

Some walk with a wabble 

But I walk with a stand.

Some have no knowledge 

But I have it all. 

They have no strength 

But I force myself to carry on.

I may fall but I will never give up.

I told myself I will never fail

if  I keep pushing myself.

I never want to settle for less

Because I always wanted to reach the top to achieve my best.

I fight my battle even at my worst moments

To let everyone know I'm the best at showing off

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The hurt that i feel is anger 

And I can't get it out of me. 

 I try to pull Through,

So it will not break the best of me.

Each and everyday there someone trying to judge the old me 

Only if i had a way out i swear it will be a new me

I don't pretend to be someone I'm not

Because I'm great at being me.

Some of the things I've done in the past

I'm not proud of what i done

I may not be perfect 

But i dont need to be. 

Take me as i am,

Or choose someone not like me




The light is the path

And the darkest is the shade.

We walk through the path of light to find our way

We struggle through out our journey to find the right path

With a little mercy and faith, 

We will get right there.

Believe in youself 

And you will make through the right path

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