Life Is


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Life is nothing but a drive through the dirt roads,
enjoying the ride.
It’s nothing but a wonderful night with your girl at
the movies, and you can’t forget about the popcorn.
Life is as great as that paycheck you have waited 2 weeks
Or it’s better than that one catchy song that you simply

Life is nothing but a walk on a fall afternoon,
So refreshing.
It’s nothing better than picking petunias for your mother,
And you can’t forget the purple lilacs.
Life is as great as going to the zoo and seeing your favorite
Animal, mine is a panda.
It’s also better than that “A” on that test in Math class.

Sure life has its ups and downs, but there’s
No need to panic.
Sure life can kick a person to the ground,
But they have to get back up.
There will be a time where we just want to throw in
The towel and just quit.
But the point of living life is to never give up.


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