This is not the world I imagined growing up

I was told humans had peace

Those same humans are in pieces

I was told there would be no hunger

Yet famine has to be a word

I was told we would rid disease

Yet mad cows still roam the streets

I was told our leaders would be competent

Why then, are they caught by the hook of greed and business?

I was I would travel

Yet my mind feels trapped in a paradoxial cage

I was told there would be paradise

Why then, do I need to be swayed?

You say we live in an advancing world

Why then, has history been repeated?

When I read the books of days past

Your argument becomes defeated

You say there is no more anger

You say there is no more hate

You say there is no more sadness

Why did you feel the need to say this?

Why then, do I see you weep in the living room

Why then, do I hear you scream through the telephone

Why then, do you then come to me

Why do you tell me it's all ok?

Now I'm older, I'm wiser, I can think for myself

Do not protect me from this world

I need to feel the emotions of this corrupted planet

I will no longer be decieved

I will fight to mend the scars of this war-torn Earth


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