Library Thoughts.


A dollar Fifty on my mind

at age seven, figured that the normal cost to buy

The things I needed

The things I wanted

I thought I needed the things I had

The price of living was simple because I wasn't bad

as I grew older and noticed things that would get me mad

I always followed my friends ,while checking the latest fads

I'm scared of airplanes ..

'Cause planes go high

But yet I want to be a superstar

They ask me how I'm going to get famous

If the clouds don't even know who you are

because as an artist I know I'm amazing

and I'm your favorite artists' replacement..

chasing dreams

visualizing methods of success, tell me how

my circle is the only people i cant be around

when i have to clear my mind I got to get away

I got to meditate, I got to separate..

I got to segregate the black and white

cause the good in my mind symbolizes right..

but the evil that the devil tries to give to me..

Only amplifies what God really means to me..






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