The Liberty of Choices


Who I was three years ago

and who I am today, are polar opposites


Three years ago,

I was hindered by fear and lack of confidence


In my mind I knew I could be great

In my heart I felt the desire burning within me

Fear told me that I would never make it 

Lack of confidence screamed that I depended on him and needed permission


My goals and desires were oppressed and enslaved to his word

This however is not a sad story,

I have been freed by my choices...who knew!


I chose to walk away

I chose to open up the gates of life and let my desires run wild

I chose to put my needs first

I chose to no longer let fear dictate my direction in life


So you see, this story was written to celebrate life to it's fullest extent


Life is beautiful

Love is fullfilling

Family is love

God is always with me


Today I live with confidence in myself and my abilities

Fear no longer stands between  my goals and I

I dance in circles while confidence whispers "you can do it...go for it"


Only I know how far down I had to fall to realize I needed to make better choices

So you may ask yourself "Is this the life  choose to live?"


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