With Liberty and Justice for None

They show us picture perfect scenes

painted upon those flat, black screens, 

but when I look out the window?

All I see are starving faces

hiding in those dark, cold places

they somehow manage to call their homes.


We are all sleepwalking while

the rich flaunt their gaudy style

and play is like marionettes. 

We the People, we are bound and gagged,

unable to make a sound against those who

hold us captive. 

And while a woman sells her body and soul

to feed her starving child, a man with a warm, full

stomach leads my home into dire straits.


Where is the liberty for my sisters who just want to succeed?

Why is it that We the People allow the old, graying "Man" to impede?


And where is the justice for my friend who was shot dead in the street?

Why is it that, in the end, We the People always retreat?


It's oppression


not merely a recession.

its Our Choice, 

Our Voice,

our moral obligation

to stand and fight

for what is right

for The People of Our Nation.

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My country
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