A toll we hear,

Beckoning us towards liberty


A hope,

Only dreamt of.

Has it been realized?

Or is it a shell, cracked in two.

Nothing. No one imagined this united nation


A crack in long lost ideals,

It grows wider as we plunge.

You, who have become lost in the world

We created—Return to the few

Who have lost darkness


Recast your souls and be made anew.


Ignorance, it has plagued you.

Greed, it moves your very being.

What has become of you, hurt soul?


Our origins offered only freedom.

Our eyes, though, are left distorted.

They trick you into your erroneous guidance.


Cast yourself a new realization!


Break the burdens you have laid on yourself.

You have a true world – a world destined for you.

It surrounds you, beckoning your return.

Its smile and happiness,

Its peace and serenity,

Its acceptance and approval.


Here is where you belong.


A bell tolls for you,

Beckoning you to liberty,

Pleading for your return to light.

What we have forgotten—we can still attain.

For, our bell tolls for our return.


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