A lot of things have changed
the growing,
the progressing,
the timing of everything,
there is a limitation of things I could describe.
I cannot question,
I cannot make a negotiation,
the beauty around has stretched and twisted my smiles,
like a rubber band running out of its elasticity.
I abide to everything,
maybe by time, appreciation would come to me
the reward would pay me sweetly.
I’ve centered myself,
from 8 o’clock in the morning to 2;30
and sometimes I feel like swimming into my blanket
and forget for a moment that I was once here.
When I wake up,
the world gracing my mind in the night drastically
switches off
and there comes brightness like a flashlight
which makes me to be here.
where do I lie in the worlds of tensions?
where will I not sit down and find something on my table?
Sometimes I need that hope,
not a break, not a day off,
nothing less than a full-time space,
a quick return to my inner world,
without turning any lights on
and maybe, I could find a liberation.

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