Liar, Liar


I see my beauty in the reflection of the waterMove my hand through the murky liquid my appearance is altered I can be anyone I want to beIt’s so easy to change myself, my identity  Most go to the salon, and pick a style from a bookWhereas I change mine by simply running my finger through the brookRipples give my face wrinklesAnd I’m a youth once more, when the water is stilled. Yet tears still form in my eyesBecause I realize that the water liesThe images are not a reproductionThey’re just simply what pleases me, my longed for identity All it does is shows me disguised Like an irriguous Mirror of Erised,I see the things I want to see,Forgetting that my life is mapped out perfectly. Kicking and screaming I let out my angerSplashing the water that so frustrates meI cannot live to face the dangerThey’ll kill me if I be who I want to be I won’t take what the water gives me,If what the water gives is falsehoods;Whether I’m fat, skinny, beauteous, or ugly,I’ll take my chances with who I am, Leaving this place for good. Goodbye to all who try to change meMold me out of clayHere’s the middle finger for all to seeMy individuality, it’ll never fade away


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