Dear straight religious people,

You're really good at knowing what the bible says. Yet i never understood how much  the bible could be misinterpret. See they got this saying that God wanted Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Now let's take a step back. What if God wanted Adam and Steve because Adam could be who he  wanted to be with Steve rather than with eve. How will he ever love thy neighbor if he feels the need to be hung.

Dears straight women,

you're really good at pointing out gay people. I mean really good. Yes, i love when straight people use their “gaydar”. I love it when you say “he’s gay i can sense it”. How ignorant can you be. Like i can't tell you how many times I heard, “you don't look gay”. How the hell do you look gay? No seriously. Is it because i'm not a dyke? Is it because i wouldn't look right with a girl? No seriously tell me, because i've been dying to get myself out there some more. You know the phrase “too gay to function”. That is what you would use to describe that one boy that uses “yasss” for everything. Or the boy that has a high pitched voice and is really good at dancing. Oh, and god forbid if you were to stupidly mistaken a dyke for a tom boy. Lastly, just because i'm a lesbian, doesn't mean i want you. No, it dont work like that.
Dear straight friends,

You're really good at telling me what i want. I mean for crying out loud, how many times do i have to hear the “you're only gay because you didn't have the right guy” or the “i could turn you straight” line. Oh, how could i possibly forget the “you're too pretty to be gay”. Let's be honest. You get it. Lesbihonest. I know what i like. I know that the beauty of a female is what makes my heart skip a beat. That my first true love was with a girl. That the most happy i've ever been is with a girl. That i'm perfectly fine with dying a virgin, according to you at least. So no, i don't want to be the girl that you try to change. Please don't tell me that i need a “man” in my life. I only need GOD, and that's perfectly fine with me.

Dear straight men,

You're really good at predicting the future. Like i didn't know how psychic you were until i came out. You say “it's just a phase”, that in college i'll turn “straight”. Me, turning straight. Yea ok. You say that being gay is only something that happens in high school. That one day it will wear off. I never knew being gay was like some kind of disease that you could get rid off. You say that one day i'll marry a man. That one day i'll have kids, and finally realize what i've been missing. My favorite line by you is “you had all the wrong guys in your life”. Let's make this clear, the only thing i've been missing is re-runs of friends. That there is nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind. Its simple.

Dear ignorant straight people,

Being bisexual doesn't make any one greedy or fun. Being in a gay relationship is just simply a relationship. Being gender fluid, is not a game of hide and go seek. Whatever anyone chooses to sexually identify themselves with is up to them. If i decide to dress like a boy, then so let it be. If you have a gay friend I most definitely don't want her. If you have a gay friend, there simply just your friend. Lastly, being gay is not a choice, its natural.

Dear straight people,

You’re really good at knowing me. You're really good at telling me what my life should be. The questions of when i decided to be gay. The questions of whether being gay a feeling or an emotion. You know that i'm a lesbian. You know that i'm unapologetic about being one. But do you even know my favorite color. What makes me tick. My biggest fear. What makes me who i am. If you can't answer this, then you've been thinking about it in the wrong way. Being gay is only one part of me. There's a million other things that is not seen. So before you jump to conclusions about my gayness, ask me what my name is. Ask me what i do for fun. Ask me about Scandal or the weather. Being gay only makes me human.



Amell Garrison 


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