Letting Go

As I turn my head, I see you.

But as I start to walk the path of life,

you start to become just another fuzz in life.

I wish I could see you clearly

but I would need a million glasses

just to make up an image of you.

I wish I could take each step with you by my side,

But we keep walking two different paths

You go right as I go left.

The different roads we both have traveled on,

I’m not sure where you ended up.

But as night falls and the moon shines

I hope you look up and go back

to the days when it was laughter and smiles.

To the days where you told me to never quit,

To the days where we went on day long adventures

We are traveling the same journey,

and I know that one day this road

filled with many memories

Will take me back to you

But until that day comes one day

I am walking away from you

And all the pain you caused me

As much as it hurts and fears me

I am letting go of you mom

To better my own life.


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