Letting Go

Confusious thoughts,confusion streaming.
I cannot cry,I hate this feeling.
My life's a blur,I feel I'm dreaming.
Is this denial?Is that the meaning?
I sit inside my mind and scream.
Conflicted with pain from laser beams.
The pain and sorrow are bursting seams.
Blinding me like sun ray stings.

I take a box and write a name.
I know that I have much to gain.
I put away the memories I have.
Adding the "would haves" and "could haves".

I light it up and watch it burn.
Effected by the lessons I've learnt.
I now have found the one I yearned.
I'll give him all that I now earn.

I no more feel like I'm alone.
The healing now starts right from the bone.
The pain is now all somewhat gone.
I now walk away from this firebomb.


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