Letting Go


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Letting go...that is the hardest thing to do, to let go of the one you loved the one you convinced yourself that she was "the one" that's not hard...it's Mission Impossible. Seeing her face day to day realizing that she caused me so much drama in you life...yet a part of still wants to hold on. Constantly at war with yourself, hating her for all the pain and hating yourself for not fighting harder. Hearing the worry of your friends and family, you that they are right that you should move on...somehow you still hold a glimmer of hope that you and her will be back together. Days past by, then weeks, then months until you finally come to a realization, an enlightenment if you will that the person that "loved you" the one that you almost threw your life away for is a poison, a thorn in your side that needs to ripped out of your skin. You rip that thorn out and you stand there in awe at the blood that drips from your side, you hurt but you realize that this pain is your alarm clock a slap in the head. You drop to your knees in tears of joy that you are in deed finally letting go. You stand up wipe your tears and laugh because all of that time of her looking at you torn in pieces she actually believed that she broken you down until you were nothing. While in fact she is the looser in this because she remained the same while you became stronger.

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