Letting go


Change is hard, but growth is good

and I've never seen one occur without the other 

unless someone is just extremely stubborn

Changes of mates, change of place

change of mind. It all means one thing

you have to let go of some old things

in order to make room for what's new

Sometimes it hurts...and sometimes we let go too soon

Everything in life requires balance

the balance of knowing when to let go and hold on

when to defend and when to let your gaurds down

and also when to fight. Life is not

black and white. Open your eyes and you will see

Open your mind and you will see  in color

We are the most limited by our own minds

our own fears and mental obstacles.

Those are things that we should learn to let go of

We don't need them unless it's to refrain from killing someone.

As children we let go and as adults we forget how

We need to learn again. We need to get of these boxes we closed ourselves up in.


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