letter to the world

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 18:34 -- acsdiaz

to the world that has made me hate you and that taught me to love you, you, my dear skin.

my skin is my name, my skin is my attitude, my skin is my personality, my skin is me but  IT’S NOT.

walking down the street, riding on the train, buying groceries; the most simple tasks of a regular human being can become simply hell.

i am judged, i am watched , i am perceived.. as my skin. my dark luminous skin, golden to the sight, kissed by the sun like gentle flower. this skin that i adore, this skin that has kept me safe, this skin that the universe gave, same skin that will tear me down. 

you will think at this point in age we as a human race would of unanimously realized our position in life, our power. yet, we have seemed to be continuously and increasingly allow for darkness to keep the light away from this planet we inhabit.

we have divided ourselfss, hated, killed,violated every aspect of humanity and still there is nothing


nothing that has changed nothing that has been conquered, we remain oppressed, we remain beaten, we remain broken. what ever keeps us in contact with our actual reality and selfs steadily dies.

 although theres always hope, theres always going to be someone, somewhere out there, maybe deep in the jungle or maybe lost in the sea, but as long as one flame burns theres always a chance for fire to start. 

that flame of consciousness, of knowing who we truly are, of maintining our spirits pure and our souls divine. that flame the evil forces keep trying to outshine. 

i long that my flame remains burning and that one day a fire i can start.

i must focus, prevail, synchronize with the light-filled vibrations of the universe and keep moving up; sooner than letter the mask shall be lifted and the angel shall shine.

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My country
Our world


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