A Letter to the Universe

A letter to the Universe


The first bell, it rang at 8:05

The first day when he stepped his feet on the Holy ground

United States, the land of opportunity

But how dare he?

Coming to this nation with only hopes and imaginations

An absolute innocence with a tinge of ignorance

This is not Indonesia where everyone calls him their friend

This is not Indonesia where the universe itself favor him

Just how dare he?

The second bell rang at 9:07

The first day when he stepped on the new playground

Chaffey High School is the name

A One Five years old sheep in the midst of wolves

His heart and soul demanded him to speak

And o’ how his heart wants to laugh

But instead, he drowns in the deepest fear of sound


The third bell rang at 10:09

No one could understand him

No one could wake him up

He speaks a totally different language

He does not belong here


Just how dare you?


Give up!


Go back to your hometown!


I have been asking you

I have been telling you

I have been begging you


Another bell rang at 12:21

And I realized that He is myself


I tried to get up

To finish the day by myself

I tried to speak up

To get it over with thinking this was my responsibility

I tried to be happy with the grades I had


But this is not myself

The one that I know will finish the day, with a pure joy and hopes

Not with a dark finish line

Where is your true identity?


The break was over

A smile of one stranger changes my direction

It felt like I’m home

I smiled back at her and I felt like I’m home

Saying a little prayer to God, this I believe that wherever I go is Your purpose


It was almost the end, the second to last bell rang at 1:18

I found myself again

I spoke up

I stuttered

I failed

But I got up

I spoke up

I stuttered

I failed

But I realized, more and more people were there to hold me up

With God smiling from the top


Fool me thinking the day was almost over

There are so many people that I can call my friends

They are the precious treasures of mine


Fool me thinking I was alone

God thank you for giving those angels for me

Thank you for telling that girl to smile for me that very moment

Now I realized that this is only the day one of the rest of my life.


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Our world


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