Letter to society

If your people stayed between the lines of the hills that coat your motherland, we wouldn’t have this difference. If you were not bloodthirsty like a vampire for power, we wouldn’t have this distinction. If your ancestors had not set foot unto my land and had not brutally beaten and abolished my people, I would not look like this. This is your fault society, you intertwined pigments into a quilt of grey, making rainbows out of different shades of brown,white and black. So don’t tell me I’m different. For it was you who sought dominance over my Mayans. It was you who twisted my straight thick native hair into vine like locks, and thin hair.  It was you who colored me in. It was you who mixed black, white and nativo to make the color that hangs from my bones so fuck off!
Don’t you dare classify me into a certain color and “race”.
Don’t you dare place me in a low social class because of my color.
It is you who says I’m too white to be black, and too dark to be white. It is you who has constructed a web of separation. So fuck you society!
I am human, biologically made up of human cells, not white, black cells. Not rich, poor or bad membranes. Made up of pure science. I am a goldfish in the sea of humanity. Swimming against the waves of oppression.
To you society, with my most sincere heart:
Go fuck yourself with your invisible lines separating me from the rest of humanity.


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