a letter from the sky


a letter

was sent down from the sky

from who else

the almighty one

that lives in the heavenly blue skies

above the clouds

on that letter

he writes

why my son

is this world become violent?

i refuse to say

i don't know


i answer him honestly

when i say

violence is the remedy

that eats away people's soul

where people

self destructively lost their minds

where a mercenary's only profit

is not about counting money

but counting how many innoncent lives

that was taken before their time


as i continue to read the letter

he asks another question

my son

why are there so many homeless people

i answered honestly

they don't have shelters

they don't have support

they have no money

some of them were rape victims

where she said no to sex

he gets angry, violates her, and kicks her out with no home

there are so many causes to why there is homelessness

there needs to be changes


as i kept reading the letter

he then asks

why relationships don't last anymore

i answer

people don't do their homework

they get involved for the wrong reason

they feel sorry for the person

they try to change them knowing they hide their true identity

people have no values for embracing true love

people are more concerns with the power

of wearing the pants, but yet it sags like clowns

on the corner portraying to be something that there not


he wasn't done

he posed another question in this letter

as i kept reading

my son

what's wrong with young people today?

to be honest i responded

they are not getting their asses whipped enough

there is no accountibility

young girls having babies at 16 and she is a baby herself

young boys want to gang bang at 12; only thing he is banging is the cell door

in jail crying to get out 

asking himself why

asking himself why

 knowing he don't belong there

parents should never ask for respect from children, you demand it

it's all about foundation that starts at home

parents need to raise their kids and not the tv


as i finish reading the letter

i conclude it

by asking how can we change the world

if we don't change ourselves?

sincerely yours

i took the letter and threw it back to the sky

let's see what his response is going to be

when he reads my response




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You put your soul in this one. I enjoyed seeing you recite this one. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for showing up to my show

this poem is honest and genuine

i did put my soul to this poem when i recited

check out my other poems i wrote

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem is riveting

it's honest and people need to stop ignoring the issues that affects all of us as a community

thank you for the support-very humble

check out my other poem

i continue to write

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