Letter to Self

Dear self,

How much have you grown

Since those rainy days

When you swore you were alone


I remember your tears,

Your fears and your anger

When you called for help,

But there seemed to be no answer


I remember your struggles

And all of your anguish

I remember the anxiety

I remember the sadness


But better than all that,

I rememeber your resilience

The strength you possessed

When you decided with confidence

To overcome loneliness

And depression extinguish


For that, dear self,

I now know purpose

I have come to accept

That not a single soul is worthless


We are all loved, 

As different as we may be

And I am eternally grateful

You helped me see

The extraordinary kind of magic

That lies within me


The power to be different,

To be my own self,

To be able to forgive,

 To care for my own health


The ability to be passionate,

To rejoice, to illuminate

The right to be unique,

To appreciate my physique


To stop thinking of my flaws as imperfections,

But to reflect upon them with deeper introspection


Thank you, dear self,

For all of these lessons

And for helping me value

My very own essence


From the bottom of my heart

I wish you the best, 

To make the most of this life

And forever be blessed


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