A Letter Never Sent - to You


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Its not a poem, rap, diss, scrap, shit,i got balls to say : its from the heart but its to a soul, im sober as i write this, and i thank you for the people who actually read this.This is me , Maurice Rochesters words, those who are tagged are all artistic and beautiful souls i respect . enjoy and thank you and i hope you can relate.

I really cant explain how i feel because the past says it all ever so vividly.
like the times i fucked up and shit you werent the sharpest tool in the shed

...............but i think thats what made us comfortable with eachother stupidity.

Even though i denied it, i was immature now when i think about it,
but i feel stupid for some of my mistakes

And as the man of the relationship ,you have to
have a sense of direction,Leadership, quick thinking .

.......................but now i know, it takes two so ill accept it as a reflection.

I can never forget the memories, bonds, adventures we shared, the smile of comfort,
and the eyes of ''im your'' affection showed how much you cared.

..................... Leave Nothing but silent but focused thoughts on the door of my mind gently closing a chapter in my life as if the past was the greatest thing ive ever had in my life.

Now that i am older , more wiser, but still a little naive, i cant help but think of what to say if i see you face to face, would i walk away?, would i give an awkward silence, or would i say thank you ?

.............i had my moments, i fucked up badly, deeply, shit .... i did shit that i know im the sole owner of its creation, and it hurts , im not proud, and im not thankful for doing it, now like a real man i admit to my mistakes, fuckeed up for how i turned the tables in the situation,mainly did it to avoid heartbreak but im not perfect.

.......................i fucked up, u fucked up, idgaf who did it anymore, it happened something great IN GENERAL got fucked up and its bitters me , it fucking stabs at my head like a bad sleep....

But love... shit.... love can do so much and go so much, but the result varies, so i accept this, but i do not accept love sudden seemingly fate, for one sentence of words, can change a hard heart to a renew and beautiful start.Where it goes, who its with , or how it begins , it continues.

and yes i left my so-hard regrets like a box in the back of a closet being cleaned for anew,
the only regret i have in this lifetime is how things could have played out between me nd you..

-Let love live, but never let love lie.
negative energy
i just hope that one day as life if one day encounters our presence in a single moment , that we can reach an understanding rather than an argument or negative energy


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