Letter To Myself


Dear Me,

It doesn't matter what you say, you don't know me

I don't even know me...well I'm still trying to figure me out

And yes I have flaws but name a person who doesn't. Not you. And certainly not I.

But what I do know is that when I see me, I see a person who loves to laugh until her stomach turns inside out

One who is not afraid to cry till her eyeballs become twice as large and nose redder than a cherry flavored popsicle

A person who is beautiful internally and externally because she does not let people's idea of beauty keep her from being beautiful

She's not ashamed of her scars and blemishes because it shows that she has come a long way

She will not deny her skin tone and facial features because she inherited those from her mother who is a queen 

She has learned to accept her flaws, better yet embrace them and move on and should too.








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