Letter to my unborn children

This is a letter to my unborn, sorry that you couldn't see the world in human form. Can't plant you seeds but I still adore. Cause it ain't easy when you nigga poor.


Grudges hate and greed hurts me to the core. Grace and mercy is what I'm thankful for. Prayed on my knees til it made me sore. But on my left side there was still a thorn. 


The flesh, living in the flesh it will close the doors. And I would never open yours cause my spirit wars. The unborn is just blessings and miracles. Who ever knew that my pain could be lyrical. 


Or that a TsBabyMoma could be spiritual. It doesn't matter cause this life is so miserable. It all just seems so freakin pitiful residual. I have nothing to give in the physical. 


All I have is my wisdom so mystical. Wit a flow that is cryptic and rhythmical. Not to mention intentions so literal. My dominion was given so where'd it go?
My children unborn guess I spared they soul. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Lord Sterling

Beautifully written thanks for sharing


Thanks so much this one means a lot to me ❤️❤️❤️

Annette M Velasquez

Riveting! This gave me goosebumps, it is real, emotional, goes straight to the heart, and is written showing true poetic skills. Intense and authentic, your style and rhymes are unique and unforgettable.


Wow I never thought I would get any responses on this website but I'm amazed cause you actually took out the time to read my work and it's all from my heart thanks so much for the acknowledgement...I love to rhyme and I love to let people get a picture of how I feel inside thanks so much you are awesome this is one of my favorite comments so far 😘😘😘

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