A letter to my sister

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 23:13 -- Jaliyah

Dear Gums,

That's my nickname for you,

Cause babygirl you got no teeth

I write this with you next to me on the floor

When I look down at you I know want so more

I look in your bright dark brown eyes and know what its for

I remember my goals

I know I'm in control

My desire is the best life, so I pray for us

I know Christ

Therfore, I study hard for you, Mom Dad and the rest of the family too

Imma save our cousins if its the last thing I do

I want them to have the same oppurtunities we granted you.

You were only 9 months and 9 days when I wrote this

I know you're to young to read and wouldn't even comprehend if I spoke this

You don't know the story of your past,

and where you come from

You don't know your trials,

you know not what you've overcome

You're not my sister by blood,

you're my cousin

One day you'll know the truth,

as for now you'll reside in ignorant bliss while you're a youth

But despite that I'll always be there for you

Despite the your set-backs you've been resililent since day one,

something I'd wish to be

I only want the best for you, but I'm only 17

There's only so much I can do

eventually you'll know what I mean

 It's funny how with each word you babble I fall more in love with you


Don't ever believe you were perfect

You'd find find my nerve,

and know just how to irk it

Learning how to deal

and just how you work

From your constant whining

To the throw up stains on my shirts

Little sister when you grow up

your blessings I hope you recieve

Because I know God blessed us

when he added you to the family

With love,

Your older sister

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My family
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