A Letter to My Past Self

Sun, 12/24/2017 - 00:11 -- kbahall

Dear Kajsa,

            Yes, you.  The girl hiding behind her Mask of the Day.  I’m talking to you.

            It’s time to be done.

            It’s time to be done hiding yourself from the people around you.

            It’s time to be done pretending you’re someone you’re not.

            Spoiler alert: it won’t work. 

Your “relationship” will end in flames.  The girl you called “best friend” will walk away.  The people you thought you could trust will prove to be more two-faced than you.  You’ll end up feeling alone and like you’ve been cut in two.

            Spoiler alert: it needs to happen.

            You need to break away.  You need to stop allowing their poison to stay.  Be free to express yourself.  Be free to find out who you are.

            Not everyone will leave and some new people will come.  For every door that closes, three more open.  But not every door should stay open, so for the love of God learn what a lock is.  Let positivity flow and the rewards will quickly show.

            You’re going to be happier, I can promise that much.  You’ll begin to see with glasses blessed with an angel’s touch.

            So, my dear Kajsa, it’s time to put the mask back on the shelf.

            My dear Kajsa, it’s time to be yourself.


The Future You

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