Letter to My Heart

To my dearest little Heart,

How could you do this to me?

It seems you have forgotten the part

You play in this hierarchy


Let me remind you of your place:

I call the shots around here, not you.

In a good old-fashioned horse race,

My tail you will always pursue.


When I make a decision,

I have a goal in mind.

When you have a vision,

To reality, it is blind.


Suddenly, you have decided

That you know what’s best,

But let me show that you’re misguided

From your place within her chest.


He isn’t right for her

They believe in different things.

Anyone else would I prefer,

Yet you act like he’s a king.


He goes right and she should walk away.

I tug with all my might in the other direction

Yet your pull, she seems to obey.

There is no logic, only affection.


It seems I can no longer sway her.

I can sense no affection in him,

But all my evidence becomes a blur

When he looks over and grins.


I give in, I concede.

But when I’m right,

Don’t come crawling back to me

Acting so contrite.


Because I know the next time

Someone tries to woo you,

You will repeat your crime

No matter how many tissues you go through.


Just please be full of care;

I’m only trying to protect you from pain

Because the world can be a nightmare.

Love, your overprotective Brain

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