a letter to his ex


I feel protective over him.

The world is my darkness and he my sun

With him he makes me feel like everything I can overcome

Other than God I can’t think of anybody who I love more

Yes I love him

Yes I am sure

Yes I truly adore him

Now and I  always will

He is the air in my lungs

My reason to breathe

My reason to sing

And the love that he brings is killing me softly

But I love every breath he takes

He the volume in my heart taking all the space

Selfish is his love

And I selfish along with him

This decadent love is like chocolate

That I refuse to share

To Share him with any other

Nor any other lover  

And I’ll be loving on him until my life clock runs still……

Got me feeling like I’m full of Nitrogen

I mean helium gas

Because he always got me floating on

Novacane kisses

His love so addicting

I can’t get enough of his touch

God I love him so much

I’m drifting on hungry kisses

I’m drifting on silent I love yous

I’m drifting on him when he grabs my ass like so

Oh I think it just got way to personal

Let me slow it down

Or let me speed it up

He got my love in his hands

He knows I’m gone always give it up

When he ask for it.

Got me like “I’m saving all my love for you”

Or better yet “Always and Forever”

Or even better “ all of me give me all of you”

All the love songs in the word can’t compete with the unconditional love I have for this man

Nothing at all can make you past girlfriends understand.

“You just a notch on his belt”

“You just mad because other than me, he don’t want nobody else”

“And how you know?”

“Cause he  wanted to shout I love you from his roof top. I can’t believe you let him go.

How could you not let the world know. How he is patient, how he is kind, how he is important, but its your loss now he’s mine. Haha stupid hoe”

 and I refuse to let him go.

He’s crazy yes

But when have I ever been normal?

Before he came along

I sung a lonely song

And then he came and gave me all life’s riches

So its my job to keep him away from gold digging ass bitches

Like yourself.

Its my body’s priority to be with him.

To touch to feel the fabric of my being

my second chance of existence

my husband

my friend

my love

my Big Daddy

my Cj



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