A Letter from the Dragon to the Princess

Tue, 02/09/2016 - 15:59 -- EddyC



Dear Princess, 


Before the rest of the nights come to finish off what you started, 

I have something to ask you: 

What's the difference between me and him? 

What is the difference between and his armor and my scales ? 

Did you not know that they were there to protect me? That I've gone through this one too many times before, this thick skin I've built is a reminder of lessons I've learned.


Could you not tell the difference between his sword and my claws?  I'm sorry I did not mean to hurt you when I held on so tightly,

I was afraid I would lose you

and yes I know the cave I live in isn't as big as his castle, but when the darkness and silence set in its all the same.


There's a reason I sleep on the floor, 

it keeps me closer to the bones I've buried, there are too many to hide in the closet. 

and dragons don't have closets, nor clothes.


I have a question.

Does wonder how creation could be so beautiful, 

does he marvel how they forced coffee 

into your eyes? 

Question why he's addicted to your gaze, and how every glance is shot of expression right to his heart? 

And by the way I would like to clarify that as a latter day dragon, I don't drink coffee but something I do 

cause girl I don't know if you're mocha flavored sun or bitter sweet salvation 

but I do know this 


I know he won't appreciate when the crescent moon of the smile stitched  on your face brings along the stars of the night sky.

I know you'll expose the ugly parts of him, take of his armor and the quilt of your skin will bring him the warmth that I never had 


Lastly does he tell you he love?

 I never did because I would never waste a breathe on anything other than prayers, that they wouldn't take you away, that he wouldn't come, that you wouldn't leave my side 

but you did. 


but now guess what? now it's too late!

There's no point singing songs for those that won't listen, 

because under all these scales,

under all this monster, 

under all this ugly,

is a heart that pumps a tune 

so silent.

A rhythm only some can catch, 


So I'm off to the land of hot musical dragons babes! 

Or maybe someplace where 

I'll find a girl who shares 

my beat and will listen to my wings flap, 

catch the tune 

while our hearts synch to the medley our song.


Know this, 

know we all leave imprints on each other.

Don't be surprised when one day you're  looking towards the fields and mountains and find yourself staring at my cave, 

silently humming my tune, 

and tapping your feet to the beat of my song.

Hear it echo over the silence of your 

new found home 

And notice the difference. 

happily ever after.


thank you 


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