Letter to Death

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:45 -- eprokop

Dear Old Man Death,

I have walked your twisty path,

and I’ve heard of your despair.

Never have I felt your wrath.

Yet, my back has sensed your stare.

I have said goodbye to the man you wanted,

and hugged him for the last time.

I spent many nights feeling haunted,

paying my soul for your crime.

You’ve always seemed so gentle

from the times when our fates intertwined.

It’s hard to feel judgemental

when you have never crossed the line.

You’ve teetered on the edge though

that much I’ll say is true.

Sometimes you’ve stooped pretty low.

Let me name a few.

You kissed the sibling I’ve never met,

and slow danced with my aunt til dawn.

On a leash, you’ve taken my pets,

and slowly stole my uncle’s brawn.

You let my grandmothers each meet me,

but took them days after and a year apart

Then you decided not to leave things be.

You’ve torn and pulled at my heart.

I still have memories of my grandfather,

the one laid to sleep when I was young.

After all these years, I deny to act bothered,

but your visits still steal the air from my lungs.

So now I have some questions.

They’re meant just for you.

I want to hear your confession.

I need to know the truth.

When do you know to take a soul,

to add another to your collection?

Is it even in your control?

Do you choose from a selection?

I hope each soul is remembered,

and that you showed each one you cared.

May each burning ember,

never once feel scared.

Sincerely and with heart,

Since I’m now happy where I’m at.

The girl whose life once fell apart,

and is now stronger because of that.


This poem is about: 
My family


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