Letter to a Burning America

What can I say to you, America? 

You crumble in barren grieving flames.

That health, that unity, that potent pride, 

rests tucked away in hollowed grave. 

Your purple sky conceals the smoke,
Your rustling threnody conceal the hopes
that universality of man equally tried, 
       that blazing sunrise over darkest night,
       that potter’s hand called distanced times,
would humanity’s mold again reunite.


But, Oh! From graveyard grass lone snake reared its head
and trampled over the innocent ant.
How he laughed at you as he then spoke to Adam!
As he turned man against man in raging, fruitful passion!
And how your frame, on knees, with agonizing knee,
he drowned in venomous fiery sea! 

Now your charred legs resign to lost silenced crowds,

Your tears reflect your blackened, blue tarnished brow,

Your plea for forgiveness stands only voicelessly mouthed, 

And so your still heart plummets into sinking, wailing grounds.


You could rise again, 

Your justice could abound,

But before the creak named resurrection sounds, 

Catharsis burns your lifeless body down.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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