letter to the broken

This is to the kids who are struggling to get by in life.

The kids who stay up at night cause their mind won’t stop. 

The kids who relate more to bands than to anyone else. 

Who have cut their wrists trying to keep the pain away. 

Who have sat in front of the toilet trying to puke their weight away. 

Who have sat, trying to talk to someone who won’t answer their phone. 

Who have had to walk through hell alone. 

Who has had the world tell them that they’re not good enough. 

No skinny enough. 

Not worthy enough. 

Not enough. 

The world has taken everyone hostage.

Their brains are trying to stay awake while someone is pushing the off button.

Trying to fight all the demons but they can swim.

Trying to drown out the wicked thoughts and Demons but they swim.

They float along to the melody of the songs.

Listening to “emo music” as they say.


Because Panic! At The Disco understands heartbreak more than your mom can try to explain it to you.

Twenty One Pilots can explain how the demons think and why they stay with us.

My Chemical Romance explains how I’m Not Okay and how hiding emotions isn’t a bad thing.

Foster The People explain that the demons make us afraid of being alone, that no one will save us or stay with us because we’re unloveable.

Hot Chelle Rae explains how we don’t care deep down, that we just want to have fun in our young years.

Mayday Parade explains how true love hurts, but it’s possible for the broken people like us.

All Time Low explains feelings, the ones we don’t know we have and the ones we don’t want to accept.

These bands help us more than people ever could.

Having people putting our feelings into words is a magical thing that’s granted to a chosen few. Let’s face it, adults don’t understand, they don’t understand the hatred that goes through ones mind.

How we can look at ourselves and think we are the ugliest thing of earth, and the next second think “aye I’m alright” .

We’ve been told that we can’t be loved until we love ourselves so that means we will never be loved because we will never love ourselves. We have hated ourselves since we could remember.

We’re an awkward culture.

Half of the generation has never had to deal with depression, anxiety, self hatred, being alone, and not knowing what it’s like to not want to live.

While the other half has to live with the constant battle inside their mind, of depression anxiety self hatred being alone.

No one understands except people alike.

Even then we can’t talk about it.

What’s good talking about depression to another depressed kid.

We try to be their for each other but keeping everything inside refuses it.

We can’t put our feelings or thoughts into words. We can’t tell anyone, we don’t want to burden people or make them sad.

Because being sad is terrible yet that’s all you feel. You’ve gotten used to it, being numb that is.

Just kinda being there. But in the end, were all broken people.

And that’s okay because broken things have better stories than perfect things. 

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