A Letter To Adults

I long for resolution in this technicolor world.

There is nothing I crave more than to see in HD.

But, of course, you wouldn’t understand,

your eyes still view the world in black and white and grey.

Your mind will not open up to see the world as it is today.

Yes, the world may seem the same but nothing could be more different.

You say you know how people are, you’ve lived longer than I,

But it is not you that interacts with these people, you do not understand their lies.

Yes, you may have been a teenager once, I will admit that much,

but things have changed since you were young, these game are tougher to play.

We have internet and cell phones, sexting and cyber bullies.

We hall all these ways to die now, though some remain the same.

Yes, we still have cutting and alcohol and drugs

but we have something new, something you have never dreamed.

We can die on the internet, we get beaten everyday.

Yes, I will admit some things are still the same

but we have tougher games to play,

we have crueler things to say.


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