The Letter

Back at the trailer, another day gone
She stopped to wonder why
She asked herself, "is this worth it?'
She was barely getting by

A mother of three
There was no time for rest
She was a mother bird
Working, living, dying for her nest

Struggling by day
Rushing by night
She couldn't continue much longer
She's was losing the fight

Exhaustion was the least of her worries
She could barely feed her babies
Getting her own food day by day
Was merely a maybe

This cycle continued for days, weeks, months
Seemingly never stopped
But with no where to run
She remained trapped, hidden, locked

She went home and questioned
Whether to go on
She wanted a new life
She needed a new dawn

But one day the tide shifted
Her luck seemed to change
On her lawn sat a letter
This was nothing but strange

She took it inside
And tore it open in a hurry
What she saw inside
Would set back her worry

All the time spent caring for her kids
And nothing in return
Until this letter from her neighbor
Caused her thoughts her turn

It was so unexpected
She started to cry
Her mind moved with questions
She could only stop to wonder why

Why take the time to go out of the way
Why take the time to care
Why take the time to be selfless
Why take the time to share

She asked herself these questions
To which she could not figure out
But when she turned back to her kids
It swiped away all of her doubt

Her selfless acts of caring
Were toward a greater cause
And in this realization
Her life took one long pause

While caring for her kids
She never stpopped to think
She had been changing their lives every day
The letter gave the link

In that moment she found her new life
She got her new dawn
Her life was changed that day
From a letter on her lawn


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