What do you do when someone is hurting,

And you try your best to help, but nothing is working.

When you love your best friend, and you hate to see her crying,

But even when you make her smile, you know inside she's dying.

What do you do when the people that claim to love you and care,

Turn around and when you need them, they are not there.

There's only a few that you can trust to stay true,

And it's a shame, cuz they have problems, too.

What do you do when you break down yourself,

And "you're always the strong one" say the people that you help.

What do you do when you're crying at night,

And you wish you had family to care and hold you tight.

You know what you do? You say forget it, I'm better.

You smile to yourself and start writing a letter.

You write to all the people who have somehow hurt you,

Though they might not care, you have to let go.

You pray to God and ask him for help,

Then hold your head high and say "I can do this by myself!"

Every day things get easier  and though trials may come,

You've found faith in yourself and you know that you've won!


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