Let's Not Forget

People of today see America as prosperous, a land of the free,
And criticize others for being different and not being free.
We are a proud country who poke fun,
But have we really forgotten what we had done.
Before during the civil rights time even though freedom was technically won,
There was still unfairness and unequal rights and lies put on.
People treated unfair because of their race,
While color is nothing but pigment it was thought as disgrace.
People lynched just because of hate,
And couldn't even vote in certain states.
We forget that this time was not so long ago,
And rights to be won required more than dough.
People has to rise up and shout the cry,
And some sadly even had to die.
So instead of criticizing and being rude,
Maybe it is time to think about what you could do!

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Great rhyme scheme! My favorite part of the poem is definitely the last two lines, because you show how the only way to officially rid the world of hate and discrimination is to take action. Poetry can definitely be used to change the world! Have you ever written a sonnet? Check out how and more in the "Resources" section.

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