Let's Break the Silence

Let's break the silence, words quietly spoken

indeed we shall to a world that is broken.

I refuse to let people bully others for being shy

I once was shy, I was that guy.

Let's break the slence, I said as writing is my escape,

it's the one way for sure I know I will get through the day.

One story a day isn't a pain,

it's such a joy running through my veins.

Let's break the silence, writing is fun,

that is it is easy and can be for everyone.

To write your own words is such a rush,

it might even make your crush blush.

Let's break the silence and bring good news,

writing is always of good use.

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I love to write and want to pursue is as a living, but there are people who are scared to write because of criticism, but i believe that is part of writing.

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