Tue, 05/14/2013 - 21:47 -- amelst


United States
40° 49' 49.5552" N, 75° 50' 51.306" W

You conflict and inflict me.
You suppress and depress me.
Let me out.
Surprise me and lie to me,
Say I am not the warden.
Not the prisonee, but prisoner.
Lie to me, sway me,
With your sweet lies and lullabies.
It is not my fault
I have no control
Let me out.

Let me blame my predecessors
not me.
Those that came before me messed it up
I can do no wrong.
I can just sit in my cage and complain
Let me out

Lie to me, sing to me
Tell me it was not my fault.
For I could not see
What was in front of me
Why didn't I open my eyes?
Lie to me
Tell me my remedy
Who could see the damage I would cause

The walls I've built.
Carefully, brick by brick.
The door I've locked.
The key is in my pocket.
I'm holding the mirror in my hand.
In this cage of mine.


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